P2P Insurance Solution

in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies will open new horizons in the world of insurance.

We see mutual-help systems functioning on a variety of scales and levels, whether it be through insurance, mutual aid organizations, or through like-minded individuals pooling and purchasing items together. In utilizing cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, we believe can make the process of mutual aid much more efficient and simple. By utilizing these technologies, we believe that the insurance world will expand as a whole.

Whereas insurance and mutual aid organizations insert third parties into the equation in the money management process, our system takes out the middleman and uses Blockchain technology instead. In doing so, one can enforce contractual obligations regarding pooled money and payment. With crypto-currency technology, one can manage money speedily and smoothly — without getting banks involved.

Plus, by separating the billing costs from the pooled funds, billing screenings can be performed amongst users through a user-based evaluation system, where screening officers are rewarded payout.

In providing this user-directed insurance platform, we believe we can both aim for price improvement as well as supply optimal response to insurance-related needs.


P2P Insurance Solution

We will aim for a new insurance service with P2P Insurance and Cryptocurrency.

Through P2P Insurance and crypto-currency, we strive to provide an insurance service that is both transparent and user-directed. We will provide a variety of services, including smart contract technology to ensure fulfillment of contractual obligations, separation of billing management costs, an approval and compensation system managed between users, a user-based evaluation system and more. In doing so, we will bring this service to fruition.

Our Messages

“Insurance and finance redefined, in a “smart” way. In our highly complex daily life, something simple will be appreciated.”

— Takaho Hatanaka co-founder

B I T P A R K  Team

Hidenari Aizawa


After being CTO for a company, he went independent. He managed a development company for over 10 years. In system development, he often acts as a producer who oversees planning of the service, development and operation. Since January 2016, he has started to draw up the vision of BITPARK service. And he is now in charge of design of service and development.

Takaho Hatanaka


He has been working as a chief engineer and system consultant. The experience he has is diverse, ranging from embedded systems to game apps. His favorite languages are C++ and PHP, and he excels in large-scale web system development and infrastructure construction. He has been developing BITPARK service since Feb 2016.